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Running the WebClientSetup shell to install CA Vantage WEB Client 14.0 in Unix, message ‘This installer was created with an unlicensed version of InstallAnywhere’ is got.


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Running the Ca Vantage WEB UI 14.0 installer with command:  


The following error can occur: 

Preparing CONSOLE Mode Installation... 

This installer was created with an unlicensed version 
of InstallAnywhere. The evaluation period has expired. 
Please contact 
[email protected] about licensing.


The problem is caused due to lack of space in the tmp directory.


CA Vantage 14.0 – WEB Client 14.0 in Unix


To view your tmp partition, run: df -h

Any previous CA Vantage WEB Client installation that failed might have not released the space back to the operating system. Make sure to remove any temporal file created from previous CA Vantage WEB Client installation.

For the exact steps about how to increase the space in the /tmp directory you need to contact your Unix system administrator as the procedure and commands are different per Unix flavor.

If, after the suggested activity, the Installer still fails, please open a Case with CA Support.