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Extract Collection finished with RC=08 and a EXCP I/O error messages.


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Running a Extract Collection and it finished with RC=08 and the following I/O error messages.
Collection of TS - dbname.tsname - Started 19:12:27
MMgr-EXCP I/O error. Call Technical Support . RC=0016 RS=0000 ..
Collection of TS - dbname.tsname - Incomplete RC=8
There were no more messages in the output to know the cause of the problem and there was not any reported error in the access to the table space by DB2.


Component: PDA


DB2 uses a data set naming convention of VCAT.DSNDBx.DBNAME.TSNAME.Y0001.Znnn in which the low level qualifier Znnn is incremented starting with A001. In the data set to define this table space TSNAME there was a data set with prefix A000, the presence  of the A000 data set interferes with the ability of opening a multi data set table space or non-partition index data set. Apparently, neither DB2 nor Database Analyzer's VSAM access method has a problem with this Non-DB2 data set but other related DB2 services (Utilities, Media Manager access method, etc,  ...) can. Using A000 for a Non-DB2 data set seems a bit dangerous.

So, unless there is a very compelling reason for using a Z000 low level qualifier for a Non-DB2 data set, we strongly recommend against doing so, since it interferes with DB2's best practices naming convention.