After Upgrading To Top Secret Release 16.0, TSS CREATE() USING() Does Not Copy The Password To The New ACID


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After upgrading to Top Secret Release 16.0, the password is not copied to the newly created acid when issuing:

TSS CREATE(acid) USING(acid)



Top Secret Release 16.0 with AES 256 Encryption


When upgrading to Release 16.0, if AES 256 encryption is enabled, this implements the feature of one-way password encryption. This means the password can not propagate from one user to another. That is why the new user built from the CREATE USING command does not have a usable password. In this case, the administrator will need to supply a PASSWORD value on the CREATE USING command to ensure the ACID has a usable password.

TSS CREATE(acid) USING(acid) PASS(password,,EXP)