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Juniper devices modeling as GnSNMPDev in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


Juniper devices with sysObjectID of modeled using the GnSNMPDev model type in Spectrum.


Juniper devices with a sysObjectID of are not currently certified out of the box in Spectrum.


Release: Spectrum 10.2.2 and below


The device can be self certified in Spectrum using the Device Certification tool by doing the following:

  1. Log into OneClick as an ADMIN user
  2. Select Tools -> Utilities -> Device Certification from the top level menu
  3. Filter for and select the System Object ID
  4. Click on the Edit icon
  5. Change the Model Type Name to JuniperJUNOSRtr
  6. Save the change

You will need to destroy and remodel any of these devices currently modeled in the Spectrum database using the GnSNMPDev model type or use the NewMM -m option to convert the models.

Additional Information

Please refer to the "Self-Certification" section of the Spectrum documentation for more information on self certifying a device.

This device is supported out of the box in Spectrum 10.2.3 and above.