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SystemEDGE Doesn't Communicate Properly When the CA Connection Broker Is Installed


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Cannot communicate to SysEDGE hosts via cam or SNMP. Both cam and SysEDGE processes are running. camping may fail with the error:
camping TTL expired (2) Message returned : Network error

sysedge.log may contain lots of messages:

{index} {date} {time{} [W]-{thread}- AWM_SocketSelect           : No socket to select on.




Supported SystemEDGE hosts (generally Windows based) where other CA Software (such as NSM or ITCM) which may have installed the "CA Connection Broker".


"CA Connection Broker" executes the process csampmux.exe. The path of this component is defined by the environment variable CSAM_SOCKDAPTER.

By default this service listens on TCP port 4105 and forwards the TCP frames to the target machine via port TCP 7163 (cacsambroker).

If other systems in the environment (such as the VAIM Server and/or VAIM Distribution Server) do not have the "CA Connection Broker" service and CAM is configured to use TCP port 4105, a communication problem may occur.




In this case it is possible to disable the "CA Connection Broker" listening of port TCP 4105:

csamconfigedit port=4105 delete


Once this is done recycle all CA Software on the system (including cam and sysedge).

After this configuration, TCP 4105 communications will be sent directly to the target machines.