Work-group License is Required for Path Optimization Error in Agile Designer 2.10
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Work-group License is Required for Path Optimization Error in Agile Designer 2.10


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When using the Path Explorer feature in Agile Designer, I am receiving the following error message:
Work-group license is required for path optimization. For additional features please contact CA Support.



ARD 2.10
CA Agile Requirements Designer



If you receive this error message it means the license you were provided with is actually a 'Stand-alone' ARD license, which does not include test case generation capabilities.
Either your contract does not entitle you to these capabilities so you were given this type of license, or you were given the wrong type of license.

Here are the definitions of each license type:

  • ARD Stand-alone License: Includes repository, basic modeling functions, and connector capabilities with JIRA, Agile Central, and HP ALM.
  • ARD Work-group License: Includes Stand-alone capabilities plus test case generation and optimization features.
  • ARD Automation Builder Add-On License: Includes Work-group capabilities plus automation and scripting features.


If you have any contract questions, please contact your Broadcom Account Manager.
If you do not know who your account manager is, please call Broadcom Customer Care at one of these numbers:

If you think you are entitled to a Work-group license and were given a Stand-alone license in error, please follow the resolution steps below.


You will need to delete your existing license, which is causing the error message, then you will need to request and apply a new license to ARD.

1. Delete your existing license.
- Directions: 

2. Request and apply a new license: 
- Directions for Offline licenses:
- Directions for Online licenses:
(In the license request form description section, make sure to note that you are requesting a work-group license specifically)

Note: It is highly recommended you upgrade to the latest release of ARD. As of October 21, 2022 ARD 2.10 will be officially End of Service, and no longer supported by Broadcom, unless you purchase extended support.


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