How to see the anticipated result of a RC/Compare strategy without running an analysis
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How to see the anticipated result of a RC/Compare strategy without running an analysis


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RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS RC/Migrator for DB2 for z/OS


When an RC/Migrator for Db2 for z/OS (RCM) Compare strategy is created it can be hard to be sure if the RULESET and MASKSET settings are doing what
is expected before the analysis is generated. If the number of objects in the compare strategy is large then producing an analysis and then discovering that
the rule setting or Mappings are incorrect could waste a lot of time for the user.


There are two functions available to the user at the time of creating a compare strategy that can provide insight into the ultimate result of the analysis.
The COMPARE Command and the "Exclude options" "X" line command. These are both used during STRATEGY update.

The first of these is the COMPARE command and also it's associated line command "C" in the "S" column. Use one of these NOT both at the same time.


---------------- RC/M Compare Explode Services ---------------- yy/mm/dd hh:mm

COMMAND ===> COMPARE                                          SCROLL ===> CSR

STRATEGY ===> IMAGEC               DESCRIPTION  ===>

CREATOR  ===> authid               SHARE OPTION ===> U (U,Y,N,X,L)


--------------------------------------------------------------------- authid

SOURCE SSID ===> ssid                   |  TARGET SSID ===> ssid

SOURCE LOC  ===> LOCAL                  |  TARGET LOC  ===> LOCAL


    E TY                                | Ob Dep


C   A TS TSTEST5      DBCORP1           |       TSTEST5      DBCORP5


The "Compare Report Output" quickly shows the user which objects are "paired" in the strategy. It also shows attribute changes that have been found.


RMCOMP 20.0   ----------- RC/M Compare Report Output ----------- yy/mm/yy hh:mm

COMMAND ===>                                                  SCROLL ===> CSR

------------------------------------------------------------- USER ID: authid

======================== PRIMARY OBJECT: TABLESPACE =======================

  Source Name                         Creator

  -----------                         -------

  TSTEST5                             DBCORP1

  Target Name                         Creator

  -----------                         -------

  TSTEST5                             DBCORP5

  Tablespace changes for:

  DB Name: DBCORP5

  TS Name: TSTEST5

  Attribute   Status        Value

  ---------   -----------   ----+----1----+----2----+----3--

  DATABASE    Currently:    DBCORP5

              Changed To:   DBCORP1

 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ NEW OBJECTS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  Type  Name                             Creator

  ----  ----                             -------

  T     ADDRESS_TB                       authid

  I     ADFA21X1                         authid

  I     ADFA21X2                         authid

  T     ADDRESS_TB                       authid

  I     ADFA21X1                         authid

  I     ADFA21X2                         authid

 ++++++++++++++++++ NO DEPENDENT PAIRED OBJECT CHANGES ++++++++++++++++++++


These two pieces of information can point to possible errors in the MASKSET and or RULESET being used if tables that should be paired show up as not
paired or attribute changes are found for attributes that should not be compared.


The second function that can help show errors in mapping is the "Exclude options" "X" line command in the EXPL column.


If the "Display all Dependent Objects ===> " is set to "Y" the subsequent report shows the mapping that is currently set between the source and the target.

If the source and target objects are not matched on the same line in this report then a problem with the MASKSET could be the cause. A blank space on the left or the right side of the middle line could indicate incorrectly matched tables. These might be quite ok if there is a new table on the source that does not exist on the target or vice versa.


---------------- RC/M Dependent Object Mapping ---------------- yy/mm/dd hh:mm

Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR

STRATEGY    ===> IMAGEC                   CREATOR     ===> authid

--------------------------------------------------------------------- authid

Source SSID . . ssid                    | Target SSID . . ssid

TABLESPACE  . . TSTEST5             >   | TABLESPACE  . . TSTEST5             >

DBNAME    . . . DBCORP1   >             | DBNAME    . . . DBCORP5   >

S   OBJ# TP NAME               CREATOR  | MAP# C TP NAME               CREATOR

_      1 T  ADDRESS_TB         authid   |

_      2 I  ADFA21X1           authid   |

_      3 I  ADFA21X2           authid   |

- - ---- -- ------------------ ---------+----- - -- ------------------ --------

_      4 T  ADDRESS_TB         authid   |

_      5 I  ADFA21X1           authid   |

_      6 I  ADFA21X2           authid   |

- - ---- -- ------------------ ---------+----- - -- ------------------ --------

_                                       | ____   T  ADDRESS_TB         authid

- - ---- -- ------------------ ---------+----- - -- ------------------ --------

_                                       | ____   T  ADDRESS_TB         authid

_                                       | ____   I  ADFA21X1           authid

_                                       | ____   I  ADFA21X2           authid

- - ---- -- ------------------ ---------+----- - -- ------------------ --------

_                                       | ____   T  CMST0133           authid

_                                       | ____   I  CMSU0133           authid


The user can make changes to the RULESET and MASKSET on the fly with the RULESET and MASKSET commands on the command line and then check the result with the COMPARE command and also the Dependent Object Mapping report as many times as required till the reported results are approved. No need to submit a batch job at all!!  The MASKSET and RULESET commands can be used while still in the compare strategy update to make changes.

Having used these two functions to verify the operation of the RULESET and MASKSET then the result of the analysis should at least not contain problems with mapping of unwanted attribute changes.

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