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After adding a new XNET confederation why am I not able to connect to it via the Chorus UI?


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Chorus Platform


I have added a new XNET confederation to the DB2TOOLS.cfg member, and have made certain that all of the information is correct

(port numer,LPAR name).  

I then refreshed the confederations via the Chorus UI, but I am unable to connect to the new XNET confederation.  I am receiving the CAEU9133E error 

message stating a Send/Receive error.   What is causing this?



Chorus 4.0 (plus current maintenance), CA Database Management Solutions r19 (plus current maintenance)


In this case, the cause of the CAEU9133E error condition was due to a wrong XNET userid being associated with the specified XNET port allocation in TCP/IP.

Once the correct XNET userid was specified for the given port, the CAEU9133E was corrected and the Chorus UI could connect to it.


Making certain that the correct XNET started task information (including userid) was correctly associated with the XNET port number as specified in the XNET

Started Task JCL to TCP/IP, the CAEU9133E was resolved, and the Chorus UI could connect to it.