Have installed CASpool on a new LPAR. Successfully ran all the verification steps in the Installation Guide, except I can not contact TCP/IP printers.


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Receiving the following error messages trying to print to a TCP/IP printer on a new environment:

ESF911 File nn on printer xxxxx - Unable to connect to foreign host. EDC8130I Host cannot be reached.

ESF913 File nn on printer xxxxxx - Session request timed out 

ESF926 Printer CVGXDR edrained 


This problem may occur when there is more than one TCP/IP stack on the system. CA Spool may be binding to the wrong TCP/IP stack instead of the one that allows the network access to this printer.
Any other network or printer errors that prevent the connection may cause these messages.


CA Spool; z/OS; TCP/IP printers


When there are multiple TCP/IP stacks on a LPAR, establish a TCP/IP stack affinity to a desired stack. Establishing a stack affinity binds all socket communications to that stack.

To select a particular TCP/IP stack, include the following JCL statement to execute the BPXTCAFF program in the CA Spool startup JCL, before the step that executes the program ESFMAIN:


If the multiple stack is not the problem then it can be another network or printer problem that is preventing the connection.


Additional Information

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