During dump capture time CA Symdump CICS v 10 SYMD transaction abends with a AD2U.
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During dump capture time CA Symdump CICS v 10 SYMD transaction abends with a AD2U.


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SymDump for CICS SymDump Batch


The client just upgraded to CA Symdump CICS v 10 from release 9.1. As part of the dump capture after the dump is captured CA Symdump for CICS will capture SQL information. During this process the SYMD transaction abends with an AD2U abend. The dump is captured but due to this abend the last SQL command will not be available.




Since the client also has CA Intertest for CICS also installed in the environment the client had to rework the DB2 RDO entries for both CA Symdump and CA Intertest for CICS v 10.


The problem was that group SYM10067 has a DB2Tran entry for SYMD but was installed first in the LIST before INT10067. INT10067 had the DB2Entry in it which has to be installed first before any referencing DB2Tran entries.

To fix the problem I moved the DB2Entry from INT10067 to SYM10067. I need this anyway when going to Cert and Prod since we don't install the INT10067 group in cert and prod. I also noticed that PROG(DSNHDECP) was also in INT10067and needs to be in group SYM10067 as well for Cert and Prod. Once I got the INA0SYMD DB2Tran installed properly everything was working fine.The install documentation doesn't really say much about this kind of configuration. The same would be if you used the DB2 group instead of copying them to the INT10067 group. That would have to be installed before the SYM10067 group as well.