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Policy Server management console : Not able to change data tab details


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CA Single Sign-On


After installing the Policy Server, in order to configure correctly the Policy Store, I need to open the Policy Server management console. When I define the Policy Store IP, port and credentials to connect to it and I click on the "Apply" button, the smconsole freezes. Why is this happening ?

Reference in fthe 12.6.01 documentation:




Policy Server : 12.6.01 on redhat 7 (64 bit)Policy Store : CA Directory


In order to modify the information to connect to the Policy Store, the Policy Server writes password information in the sm.registry. This information is encrypted and to encrypt it, the smconsole needs entropy.


You'll solve this issue by creating the symbolic link for the /dev/random. Then the smconsole will work as expected.


# mv /dev/random /dev/

# ln -s /dev/urandom /dev/random


Additional Information

Pre-requisites for linux installation: