The Cost Plan 'Actual Revenue' TSV attribute is allowing for the field to have a value entered when it should not be editable


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Allowing for entry of the 'Actual Revenue' TSV attribute is causing data to be stored on a slice table for the amount manually entered on a Cost Plan. This should not be allowed because Cost Plan Detail for Actual Units, Actual Cost and Actual Revenue are automatically calculated when the user opens the Cost Plan Detail page.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Project with active financial properties and post actual financial transactions
  2. Create a Cost Plan and configure the Cost Plan Detail view to display the 'Actual Revenue' in the TSV
  3. View the Cost Plan and note the amount of the 'Actual Revenue' for one of the TSV periods
  4. Click to edit the TSV cells in this period
    Note: the 'Actual Revenue' amount appears in a box that can be edited (it should not allow this)
  5. The user can make a manual entry on this cell and save the change
  6. After making this change, the display returns to the original actual revenue amount calculated from actual financial transactions posted to WIP
  7. Query the database tables and the manual entry is saved and sliced; which also should not happen for the Cost Plan Detail Actual Revenue attribute

Expected Result: Cost Plan Actual Revenue attribute should not be allowed for editing and saving manually entered data
Actual Result: Cost Plan Actual Revenue attribute is editable and data can be saved (but not displayed)


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus


Our sustaining team reviewed CLRT-73430 and closed it as they are not planning to make any changes to this area of the product.

Workaround: None

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