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No Time Periods or Team Members are available under the 'Review & Approve' Page in the New UI


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


If no Current Time Period exists, the 'Review & Approve' page will not show any periods or team members. 



1. Create Weekly Time periods up until the previous week (Example: Today is the week of 10/10, so the latest period that would exist is the one for last week of 10/3)
2. Open the Time Periods
3. Create at least one Resource that you are the Resource Manager of
4. Open the Resource for Time Entry, Track Mode: PPM
5. Staff this resource on a project team, and assign the resource to a Task (Open the Project, Team and Task for time entry) 
6. Go to the New UI
7. Click on the menu on the left side of the Screen, click on the Timesheets link
8. Click on the 'Review & Approve' tab 

Expected Result:Time Periods to be available to select from, and the resources that you are the Resource Manager of to show under your Team Members. 

Actual Result: There are no Time Periods to select from, and no resources listed as your Team Members. 


Caused by CLRT-81368


CA PPM 15.1


This issue is currently under review as CLRT-81368.