TMSEXPDT could not update the EXPDT in the TMC
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TMSEXPDT could not update the EXPDT in the TMC


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CA 1 Flexible Storage CA 1 Tape Management - Copycat Utility CA 1 Tape Management - Add-On Options


After upgrade to CA 1 v14.0 and we are testing to the TMSEXPDT. But , the TMSEXPDT could not update the EXPDT in the TMC.

Portion of TMSBINQ follows;

VVVVVV  DSN=<Dataset Name>                                               ACCT=
       EXPDT=yyyy/ddd      CDATE=yyyy/ddd   CJOB=JOB name       CSTEP=Step name      CDDNAME=DDname    CUNIT=nnnn
       FLAG1=40=(CLO)                                   FLAG2=C0=(CAT,OUT)                       CPGM=PGM name
       FLAG3=00=                                            FLAG4=08=(OSC)                             FLAG5=00=





The VOL=VVVVVV has X'00' on FLAG3. Therefore, the TMSEXPDT did not select it.


TMSEXPDT enables you to enforce data set retention standards without modifying the JCL used to
create tape data sets. If the JCL does not specify an EXPDT, RETPD, or an ACCODE date specification,
CA 1 assigns the default retention which is defined using the RP parameter in the TMOOPTxx member
of hlq.CTAPOPTN. When the CA 1 default retention is used, TMSEXPDT has the capability to reset the
date if the Retention Data Set (RDS) has an entry for the data set name.

Data sets that received the default retention defined by the RP parameter can be identified by:
TMC Volume records - FLAG3 = TMDFEXU (bit X'04')
TMC DSNB records - DSNB FLAG1 = DSNBDFXU (bit X'04')