Processing order of CTHRESH definitions
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Processing order of CTHRESH definitions


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We upgraded to 141 this past Sunday. We updated our CTHRESH member with our existing definitions and modified some with the new jobname field using jobnames and >groupnames. We have a threshold for a single transaction BCEV that is set at 2 minutes of CPUTIME. We also have a generic definition for transaction in group >OUCT set at 10 seconds of CPUTIME. If BCEV executes in the CICS regions defined in >OUCT it picks up the 10 second threshold and not the 2 minute threshold defined at the transaction level. We tried moving the >OUCT definition to precede the BCEV definition in CTHRESH, but it still used the >OUCT definition of 10 seconds. When viewing the CPUTIME definitions from the CTHRESH command the >OUCT definition still follows BCEV definition. The BCEV definition of 2 minutes in R14 was always used for BCEV and the 10 seconds generic definition was used for all other transactions when using the 'IF Jobname' setup. We had to delete the 10 second CPUTIME threshold for >OUCT in order to get the BCEV definition recognized. Our previous understanding is the last entry in the threshold file overrides anything before it. That does not appear to be true with CTHRESH. How does this work and how can I setup 2 minutes for BCEV and 10 seconds for all other transactions?




The transaction definition needs to use an Umbrella Name as the RSCE1 and the transaction as the TSCE2.


The SYSVIEW documentation has been updated in the next release but this also pertains to the current releases for the rsce1: 

Resource name. 
Transaction name. 
Generic or wildcard characters can be used. The transaction can be specified as: *Specific transaction ID *Generic transaction ID *Umbrella transaction name *Logical group name containing a list of CICS transactions. 
Logical group type = CICSTRAN 
Syntax: >group 

If an umbrella name is assigned to a transaction using the CICS Monitor Exit Interface, threshold checking is first performed using the umbrella name rather than the transaction ID. If no matching threshold definition is found for the umbrella name then threshold checking is performed against the transaction ID. 

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See the SYSVIEW WIKI for the product documentation.