Create SNOW ticket fails in a cluster environment
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Create SNOW ticket fails in a cluster environment


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Description :

Snow ticket cannot be created in a SOI, Cluster, PAM environment


PAM version is 4.3 SOI version is 4.0 ServiceNow version 4.5. Service Now Connector version is Helsinki installed on Windows 2008


The SOI server configuration parameters in PAM have been set with the SOI manager virtual cluster name.

When creating a ticket via "Take Action" in the SOI console, SOI is sending the physical name of the active node to PAM in the webservice call.
The createticket process fails when PAM tries to send a reply back to the SOI Manager virtual cluster name.

If the SOI Manager's active node is set in the SOI parameters in PAM the create ticket process completes successfully.


Set the SOI_HDM_HOSTNAME=<ClusterNodeName> in the .."\SOI\jsw\conf\soi-manager.conf" file on the Manager machine. This ensures that the SOI manager uses the cluster name when communicating with PAM.


e.g.<number>=-DSOI_HDM_HOSTNAME=<ClusterNodeName><number> this number needs to be in the correct ascending order for all other<> entries in this file.