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CDM Disk Metrics not showing correct value in USM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The disk usage percentage metric value on device Details tab in USM showing incorrect value.

<Please see attached file for image>

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The other reporting interface such as Performance Report shows correct value for the data.


UIM any version


The problem indicates that data in S_QOS_SNAPSHOT table remain outdated or not updated correctly.

(*) S_QOS_SNAPSHOT holds the latest QOS data and USM reads the table to display disk usage percentage metric on the device Details tab.
(*) data_engine probe is responsible to update S_QOS_SNAPSHOT table.



Please confirm current value of "hub_bulk_size" in the <setup> section of data_engine.cfg

If "hub_bulk_size" value is higher value than the total number of rows in S_QOS_DATA table,
please reduce "hub_bulk_size" value.

This is a known issue described in the below doc. Please take a look at this.

Whenever the hub_bulk_size parameter is set to a value larger than the total QoS objects in the S_QOS_DATA table,
S_QOS_SNAPSHOT will not update.
To correct this issue, set the hub_bulk_size to a value less than the total number of rows in the S_QOS_DATA table.


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