Errors when Connecting to Subset with Integrated Authentication


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When launching Subset either through Datamaker or as a separate component and connecting to my database connection profile, I am receiving the following error message: 'Login failed for user X'. 

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"This driver is not configured for integrated authentication"

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MS SQL Server is configured for Integrated Authentication.


There are two most likely causes for this error message. 

1. The sqljdbc_auth.dll file is missing from your C:\Program Files (x86)\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker folder.

2. You are are adding a username and password in your Subset connection profile. 

If you are using Subset with a MS SQL Server (MSSQL) Database that has been configured only for Windows Authentication, but not for SQL Server Authentication, then you will experience this error. 


CA Test Data Manager (TDM) - GT Subset


The steps below will enable you to connect to and use data that resides in a MS SQL Server DB (MSSQL DB), that allows only Windows (Integrated) authentication.

1. Go to the 'SQLSERVER_DLLs' folder under the GTDatamaker directory folder.
- By default, this is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker\SQLSERVER_DLLs\x64. 

2. Copy the file named 'sqljdbc_auth.dll' from under the 'x64' subfolder.
- This is the 64-bit version of the DLL and is the one you will need assuming your system runs on a 64-bit processor.

3. Paste the sqljdbc_auth.dll file to the GTDatamaker directory folder.
- By default, this is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker. 

4. Re-launch the Subset UI.

5. On the Connection screen, enter the MS SQL Server database connection details.
- Remember leave the username and password fields blank since you are using Integrated Authentication.

6. Save the profile.

7. Click the 'Connect' button.
- You should now be able to use Subset without receiving the error message.

Additional Information

Similar problems will also occur with FastDataMasker (FDM). See FDM - Connecting to MSSQL DB using Windows authentication for details to resolve them in FDM.


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