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Central Server not importing data from Remote Poller.


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CA eHealth


Central Server not importing data from Remote Poller and rpLog file has below error messages:


nhiRpImport FTP SUCCESS getDirEntries <ip address> 5072 files available 

nhiRpImport FILE PERFORMANCE terminateDirList <ip address> 

nhiRpImport FTP FTP FAILED getFiles <ip address> Get 490 files: rpCfg.1556.1484682700.dci, rpCfg.1556.1484682767.dci, rpCfg.1556.1484682954.dci, rpCfg.1556.1484683089.dci... error = Error: Ftp timed out.


You can find "rpLog" file in the path: %NH_HOME%\modules\remotePoller\logs_import


eHealth version: 6.3.xOS: Windows 2008 R2Remote Poller setup


Though Central Server and Remote poller is connected through ftp, due to slowness or timing issue getting Error as "Ftp timed out." 


  • Verify ftp connection from Central Server to Remote Poller and vice-versa.
  • If ftp connection is success and still getting same error, perform below steps: 
  • Modify the "pollTimeout" value from 1800 to 43200 in %NH_HOME%\modules\remotePoller\module.defaults.init file on Central Server.
  • Restart the ehealth services (nhServer stop and nhServer start) on Central server.