"WAS - Uninstall Application" Fails with Error Code WASX7023E
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"WAS - Uninstall Application" Fails with Error Code WASX7023E


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


When running the "WAS - Uninstall Application" action from the Websphere action pack, the action fails with the following error:

(#1) Error creating connection. Possible reasons: Server down, wrong port. (Error code: WASX7023E). (Exit value: 105)


Release: NOLNAC99000-6.1-Nolio-Automation Center


The error code WASX7023E is indicative of an issue with Websphere in which it cannot connect to the server, such as if the target server the application is to be uninstalled from is down or otherwise unreachable. 


Since the error returned is an error code generated from Websphere, a Websphere administrator should be consulted for proper root cause and solution determination.

Solutions may include:

  • Ensure the target server is online.
  • Verify the server's hostname can be reached.
  • Test if a telnet connection can be made to the server over it's designated Websphere port.
  • Ensure the target server's hosts file (for example, "/etc/hosts" on Linux/UNIX) can be read. If proper read access is not set, Websphere will find the host unreachable, even if the host designated is "localhost".