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Duplicate names found in Window/Dialog Box


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset Gen - Host Encyclopedia Gen - Run Time Distributed


When generating GUI Windows application get errors:

Duplicate names found in Windows/Dialog Box:

"Error Message Detail" Control Type Control Name Generated HTML/CSS Name  Group box Severity_Code! Severity_Code!  Radio button group SEVERITY_CODE1 SEVERITY_CODE1 





PTF TSN85025 for the Gen Toolset prevents the problem from occurring, but existing models with this situation would need to have the Radio Button Group Name changed (manually) within the Toolset.

For existing models, created prior to TSN85025, users/developers would need to:  

For existing models with this situation you would need to have to change the Radio Button Group Name(s) (manually) within the Toolset.  To determine which Radio Button Group Name(s) to change, review the .err files within the local model, see what field the error is referencing within the .err files and change the Radio Button Group to be a new/unique name. Then re-generate/compile.