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SD Catalog Error: SD Error Code:42


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Unable to connect to SD Catalog. Error: SD Error Code: 42

Connection to server not possible. The machine has not completed its registration with the Domain Manager.

The agent has not completed its registration with Domain Manager. Please check the event log for more details, and make sure that the agent FIPS mode is compatible with that of the scalability server and domain manager.


Applicable for all version of CA Client Automation.


The issue is caused when agent machine has not completed its registration with the Domain Manager.


Catalog get the available software by connecting to the manager. If the manager address is not available then the catalog fails.

We can run the below command to determine if the Manager address is available for the agent. 

ccnfcmda -cmd getparametervalue -ps itrm/agent/units/. -pn currentManageraddress 

If the command returns CCNF_PARAMETER_NOT_FOUND then set the manager address appropriately as below. 

ccnfcmda -cmd setparametervalue -ps itrm/agent/units/. -pn currentManageraddress -v <Manager Address>