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In the MSP New Driver, Baseline Work Timescale data is blank for Tasks


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In the Microsoft Project (MSP) New Driver, Baseline Work is blank in the Task Usage Timescale at task levels. It does show at the assignment level. 


1. Create a new project in PPM 

2. Add one resource to the Team tab of the project 

3. Export the project to MSP 

4. Go to File -> Options -> Advanced link and check 'Show project summary task' (to see the issue occurs at that level as well) 

5. Click OK and go to the Task Usage view

6. In the Timescale section, add the field 'Baseline Work' (Right click in the Details column of the Timescale and select 'Baseline Work'. If it doesn’t show there select 'Detail Styles' to add it from 'Available fields'.)

7. Save the View as a custom view by clicking the ‘Task Usage’ drop down and select ‘Save View’

8. Create a new task (Task 1 in this example)

9. Assign the resource to the task and add some hours in the Timescale (in this example, 20 hours in January)

10. Baseline the project in MSP (Go to the 'Project tab', Select 'Set Baseline'->'Set Baseline' and click OK

11. Save the project back to PPM

12. Open the project in MSP and go back to the Task Usage view created in step 7

Expected Results: Baseline Work is still visible in the Timescale for tasks

Actual Results: Baseline Work only shows at the Assignment level 


This issue is caused by DE32345.


This issue applies to the MSP New Driver in CA PPM 15.1 and 15.2


This issue is fixed in CA PPM 15.3. 

Additional Information

Reference TEC1023216 - In the MSP New Driver baseline hours change in the Timescale

Reference TEC1988695 - In the MSP New Driver, Work Hours change in the Timescale for Resources with Calendar shifts not Equal to 8 hour per day