Steps to install admin and uds applications in distributed environment


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I am planning to prepare below AA deployment in distributed systems. How do I install admin and uds applications in distributed environment?

Machine 1: DB

Machine 2: Admin and UDS components 

Machine 3: AA servers


CA Strong Authentication 8.2CA Risk Authentication 8.2RHEL 6 64 bit


Follow these steps to install admin and uds applications in distributed environment:

1. Navigate to the directory where you have extracted the installer.

2. Run below command if you do not have the required permission to run the installer:

chmod a=rx CA-StrongAuthentication-8.1-Linux-Installer.bin

3. Run the installer

sh CA-StrongAuthentication-8.1-Linux-Installer.bin

4. Accept the License Agreement.

5. Type 2 and press Enter to accept the Custom installation option and to continue with the installation.

6. Specify a comma-separated list of numbers representing the CA Strong Authentication components that you want to install. Leave no space between the commas and the number - Type 4,5 to install admin and uds components.

7. Specify the the database information and proceed with the installation.

Additional Information

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