New UI Status Report Lookups shows Inactive Values
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New UI Status Report Lookups shows Inactive Values


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Inactive lookup values show under the Schedule, Scope and Cost/Effort Status drop downs in the Status Reports section in the new UI. If an inactive value is selected, the new UI throws an error similar to the following: CMN-0009: Attribute ‘Schedule Status’ has invalid Lookup Value ‘10’. 



1. In the Classic UI, go to Administration > Lookups > Status Report Status

2. Go the Values tab, add a new value. Example: Status1 (ID: 40)

3. Inactivate any of the existing values. Example: Inactivate: On Track

4. Go to Administration > Objects > Status Report > Attributes tab

5. Select the ‘Schedule Status’ attribute, and under the Display Mappings, remove the color for the ‘On Track’ row and Save.

6. Repeat Step 5 for the ‘Scope Status’ and ‘Cost and Effort Status’

7. Under a new row, add a Color: Blue, Description: Status1, Value: Status1, and Save

8. In the New UI, go to a project that you are the Project Manager for.

9. Go to the Status tab on the project and click on the drop-down for either the Schedule, Scope or Cost/Effort.


Expected Results: This shows only the Active Values. (Needs Help, At Risk, and Status1)

Actual Results: This shows all values. (On Track, Needs Help, At Risk, and Status1)


CA PPM 15.1


Caused by DE32293


This issue  DE32293 is fixed 15.3.


Workaround: In order to avoid the error message from appearing, the invalid Lookup Values can have their name changed to indicate that they should not be used. Example: On Track - Do Not Use