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SAP job runs successful but status is Failed


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Workload Automation Agent


SAP job runs successful but status is Failed.


01/30/2017 11:31:50.356 EST-0500 4 SAPPlugin.Monitor:-4060707786841298121.CybSAPTableRead.getFunction[:117] - Preparing function RFC_READ_TABLE <BDC Submit>.

01/30/2017 11:31:50.372 EST-0500 4 SAPPlugin.Monitor:-4060707786841298121.CybSAPTableRead.getFunction[:118] - Select Query <BDC Submit>: SELECT GROUPID, QID, QSTATE FROM APQI WHERE QID >= '17013016314167920000' AND QID <= '17013016314167929999' AND QID LIKE '____________6792____' AND CREATOR LIKE 'AUTOSYS'




* VERB     : STATE




* RESIDUAL : Cmpc(1020) Status(Error) LStatus(Error finding the Queue ID)



Component: SAPAGD


SAP Batch Import Session(sapdbc) job type  requires additional configuration, are you sure you have the correct job type maybe it should be a R/3 job type (sap).



Verify job type should be SAP Batch Import Session(sapdbc) and either change it to job type sap or follow additional steps needed below to run sapdbc jobs.



BDC tracking relies on CA ABAP ‘Z_CYB_BDC_SESSION’ being installed, the ABAPs are provided with the agent plug-in: Installing the Z_CYB_BDC_SESSION ABAP function should resolve the problem. Its is needed to extend standard agent functionality, you import it to you SAP system using SAP transaction STMS




Follow these steps:




Copy the following zip files, which are located in the agent installation directory, onto the computer where your SAP system resides:


Extract the files from each zip file.


Copy the extracted files for your operating system to the subdirectories named cofiles and data where the SAP system is installed.


For example, using the default SAP trans directories, copy the files for your operating system as follows:




Operating System           Files to Copy      SAP Directories


UNIX     Any files prefixed with K              /usr/sap/trans/cofiles


UNIX     Any files prefixed with R              /usr/sap/trans/data


Windows (SAP on drive D)           Any files prefixed with K              D:\usr\sap\trans\cofiles


Windows (SAP on drive D)           Any files prefixed with R              D:\usr\sap\trans\data


Install the ABAPs using the following commands, substituting the appropriate path to the SAP trans directory:




Type      OS         Syntax


BW        UNIX     cybsapinstBW.ksh SAP_ID /usr/sap/trans


BW        Windows            cybsapinstBW SAP_ID “D:\usr\sap\trans”


R3          UNIX     cybsapinstR3.ksh SAP_ID /usr/sap/trans


R3          Windows            cybsapinstR3 SAP_ID “D:\usr\sap\trans”






On Windows, enclose the path name in double quotation marks if the path name has spaces.


If the SAP system was down when you installed the ABAPs, you can rerun the procedure.


ABAPs for the Agent Plug-in


The following ABAPs are provided with the agent plug-in:




ABAP Name       Purpose              Type      Applies to


Z_CYB_OLTPSOURCE_GET           Get Info Package Details.             RFC        BW


Z_CYB_DUMP_OUTPUTGet SAP Job dump output information.  RFC        R3


Z_CYB_TRIGGER_EVENTTrigger SAP Event (XBP 1.0 only).             RFC        R3


Z_CYB_BDC_SESSION     Handle BDC sessions.     RFC        R3


Z_CYB_TABLE_UPDATE  Provide UPDATE and INSERT SQL queries. Used to define SAP Event handler (any XBP level) and set up SAP Job class (XBP 1.0 only).    RFC        R3


Z_CYB_GET_EVENT_LIST             Get list of SAP Events.    RFC        R3


Z_CYB_SWITCH_OPMODE          Switch operational mode. This ABAP is not mandatory for the agent plug-in functionality.    ABAP     R3



BW refers to a Business Warehouse system and R3 refers to a basic SAP system.

The BW ABAPs are only needed if you have a Business Warehouse system.


Your SAP administrator can remove the ABAPs from within SAP.


Additional Information


Here is the link to the documentation on configuring the SAP System, you should review to see if you have configured everything you need.