The snmpd Service failed to start with snmpd.conf errors.


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CA API Gateway


The snmpd Service failed to start with snmpd.conf errors.

It returns errors like:

Stopping snmpd: [FAILED] 

Starting snmpd: [FAILED] 

Error: example config COMMUNITY not properly configured 

Error: bad security model "any" should be: v1, v2c, usm or a registered security plugin name - installing anyway 

Error: bad prefix match parameter "0", should be: exact or prefix - installing anyway 

Address family for hostname not supported 

Error opening specified endpoint "" 

Server Exiting with code 1 



Please check if the nc_ncsnmpd Service is running on your installation by using the chkconfig command from a privileged Shell.

In the case the Service is 'on' it might block the snmpd Service.


Component: APIGTW


In the case no Hardware Crypto Key Card (SafeNet Luna HSM) is used on the Gateway, you may disable the two related Services: 

chkconfig nc_ncsnmpd off 

chkconfig nc_raserv off 

Thereafter restart the snmpd server:

service snmpd restart