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Rally - Export Test Case Steps


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


A user is working with the Rally Add-in for Excel to copy a set of tests over to a new workspace. The user does not want all of the test cases, but does want to copy over all the cases AND their individual steps from some of the test folders. The user does not see a way to export test steps that correlate to a set of test cases in a bulk export.

User is able to export a group of cases by folder name but cannot pick the steps that go with just this set of test cases. Is there a way to do that?


The best way to export Test Cases with their Steps and Expected Results is via the CA Agile Central Add-in for Excel. Heres how:

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel with the CA Agile Central Add-in for Excel installed. Check here for help installing the add-in.
  2. Click the CA Agile Central tab, then click Connect to CA Agile Central
  3. Enter the login credentials and click Connect
  4. Make sure to click Export on the left side of the ribbon, then click Manage Queries
  5. Next to the Query dropdown, click New
  6. Specify a name for the new query and click OK
  7. From the Query Type dropdown, select Test Case Step
  8. In the Columns field, Type in (or copy & paste) the following columns for the information you are looking for: CreationDate,ExpectedResult,Input,StepIndex,TestCase,TestCase.FormattedID,TestCase.Type,TestCase.WorkProduct

*** one has to TYPE these fields into that column field as they are not currently available for selection ***

  1. In the Filter field, enter any limitations for the query results as needed
  2. Click OK to run the query

If, after attempting the export following this process, the query does not return any Test Case Steps, there may be confusion as to what exactly is a Test Step in CA Agile Central.
Please take a look at this section of the CA Agile Central Help article to clarify Test Steps:
In CA Agile Central on the Test Case detail page, ensure that the steps are not just typed out in the "Validation Input" and "Validation Expected Results" fields. These fields are not Test Steps. These Validation fields export via the Excel Add-in using the Test Cases type.
In CA Agile Central, while viewing the Test Case detail page, there is an small icon that must be clicked to add Test Steps: ___ . The fields to enter a Test Step are "Input" and "Expected Result" for each step.
To add a step:

  1. On the Test Case detail page, click Actions, then Edit.
  2. In the Steps section of the Edit Test Case editor, click the Add a Step Icon to specify the number of steps.
  3. Enter each step that must be executed to achieve the state of the system as detailed in the related requirement.
    • Input: Enter the action step of the test.
    • Expected Result: List the expected system response to the action step.
  4. After all steps for the test case have been added, enter a validation step. This is the one step that evaluates the status of the execution of the test case and sets the local verdict of the test case.
    • Validation Input: Enter the action step of the test. This is the activity that will produce the Expected Result.
    • Validation Expected Result: List the response that must be obtained in order to verify the correct performance of the system. The Expected Result is the comparator that demonstrates that the system has accurately fulfilled the designed functionality.
  5. Click Save & Close