NFA slowly loads views
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NFA slowly loads views


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


NetQoS Network Flow Analysis has experienced increasing slowness when loading pages with graphical views.


NFA uses a "graphics" folder to save temp files of graphics loaded by the web interface.  These may be retained for a long time.  Many files may build up in the directory, especially if an auto-refresh is enabled with many graphical views.  This directory is located here:


Windows Server doesn't perform well when the file count gets very high.


If you have a very high file count in this folder, it is safe to delete these .PNG files from the folder.  After doing so, you should see a marked performance increase.

There is no benefit to retaining old files in this folder.

Additional Information

We have observed file counts as high as 1.2 million in this folder.  Views were taking as long as 45-60 seconds to load.