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The CDE-Plugin for Jenkins is installed but does not seem to be functional, can't find configuration options


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Unable to install successfully Continuous Delivery Edition a.k.a CDE Jenkins plugin
1) In my jenkins installed Plugin list window there is CDE Jenkins Plugin 

<Please see attached file for image>


2) Also I am unable to find the configuration which is mentioned in the document at link http://<jenkinsHostname>:<JenkinsPort>/configure 

In the CDE Plug-in section, enter the following details: 

  • User 
  • Password
  • Port (8080) 
  • CDE server name 
  • Note: Uncheck Is CDE Secured Communication 


CDE version 6.3 plugin Jenkins version 2.32.2 or higher 


Plugin requires JRE 1.8, as Jenkins-plugin was compiled on java 1.8



There are two resolutions to the problem

Solution 1

1. Uninstall the CDE plugin from Jenkins-> Manage Plugin-> Installed (select the CDE plugin and click uninstall)

2. Uninstall the existing JAVA and Jenkins on the Jenkins Server

3. Install JRE 1.8 and post installation of JRE make sure environment variable JAVA_HOME is correctly set

4. Install Jenkins a afresh

Solution 2

1. Install JRE 1.8 on Jenkins Server

2. Uninstall the CDE Plugin from Jenkins-> Manage Plugin-> Installed (select the CDE plugin and click uninstall)

3. Stop the Jenkins Service

4. Go to Jenkins install directory and find the file <Jenkins Install Directory>\jenkins.xml and open it in edit mode

5. Find the section <executable>....</executable> and replace it with relative/absolute path to JRE 1.8 install directory see example below.

<!--<executable>%BASE%\jre\bin\java</executable>--> (Where %BASE% is pointing to jre directory inside jenkins installation path)


 <executable>C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_121\jre\bin\java</executable>

6. Restart the Jenkins Service

7. Re-install the CDE plugin and now you will find CDE plugin configuration option at http://<jenkinsHostname>:<JenkinsPort>/configure 


Additional Information

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