Database upgrade error of Upgrade API Gateway 9.2 (Software )
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Database upgrade error of Upgrade API Gateway 9.2 (Software )


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CA API Gateway


In upgrade API Gateway to 9.2. 

Error occurred in the following. 

"Upgrade Gateways on RHEL/CentOS/SUSE Linux" -> "If Using the MySQL Database" -> 12. Upgrade the CA API Gateway database on one node. Tip: To do this, use option 1 ("Upgrade the CA API Gateway database") on the Gateway Main Menu (Software). 



Gateway Database Upgrader. 

Enter 'quit' to exit at any time. 


Database upgrade is required. 


Software version : 9.2.00 

Database version : 9.1.00 


Perform upgrade? [No]: Yes 

Enter Administrative Database Username [root]: 

Enter Administrative Database Password: 


Performing database upgrade: 


Testing the upgrade on a test database ... 

Creating test database "ssg_testUpgrade" (without audits). 

Database creation may take a few minutes. 

The database was not upgraded due to the following reasons: 


Access denied for user 'gateway'@'%' to database 'ssg_testUpgrade' 


No changes have been made to the database. Please correct the problem and try again. 

Press [Enter] to continue 



Also, when Database is remote MySQL, the problem occurs.



API Gateway 9.1 (Software)API Gateway 9.2 (Software)DB: MySQL.The customer uses remote DB. Box1 (API Gateway)-------Box2(MySQL)


This reason is remote DB. 

So, If you use remote DB, gateway account can not create ssg_testUpgrade.



Run the following sql statement on the target MySQL: 


GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'gateway'@'%'; 



Restart MySQL and retry the DB upgrade.