Advanced Authentication not working after Java upgrade
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Advanced Authentication not working after Java upgrade


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We have done the java upgrade in leg one components after enabled leg1 and disabled leg2 servers . 

Finally we found that OTP and PKI was not working any of the users. 

Our customers got "Error: Invalid credentials. Please try again." error while login with the OTP credentials. 


Advanced Authentication 9.1

JDK 1.8.x


arcot-crypto-util.jar and ArcotAccessKeyProvider.dll files copied inside jre folder were lost after java upgrade.


Follow these steps to resolve the issue: 

1. Copy file to the directory (For RHEL) <JAVA_HOME used by Apache Tomcat>/jre/bin.

2. Copy arcot-crypto-util.jar file to the directory <JAVA_HOME used by Apache Tomcat>/jre/lib/ext. 

3. Set and export the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the directory where the file is copied. 

4. Restart Tomcat.