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After successful agent recording of application, the agent Business Segment node does not appear in the Investigator during monitoring.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


After successful agent recording and promotion to Business Transactions which have been enabled, the expected agent Business Segment node does not appear in the Investigator.
With DEBUG enabled the agent logs also do not show the expected HttpParameterValue PATH values being found by the agent to match the PATH detected during the agent recording of the Business Transactions.


APM 10.x


The agent is using typical monitoring with bizrecording.pbd and ServletHeaderDecorator.pbd enabled in the weblogic-typical.pbl file.

The application is using servlet filters.

For the recording phase, tracing for servlet filters is enabled by default with BizRecordingServletTracing in bizrecording.pbd. However for the monitoring phase ServletFilterTracing is not enabled by default in toggles-typical.pbd.


To enable the ServletFilterTracing tracer, edit toggles-typical.pbd and uncomment this line:
TurnOn: ServletFilterTracing
The change should take effect immediately and not require AppServer/agent restart

Additional Information

Extending > Transaction Definition > Introscope Agent Recording