Annual Plans show incorrect amount in Advanced Reporting


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Some Financial data is calculated incorrectly in Advanced Reporting when using Annual Plans

Steps to reproduce: 

1. Make sure your Data Warehouse Entity has annual plan periods defined and active 
2. Use a project that is associated to that Entity 
3. Create an Annual Type cost plan 
a. Make the Annual Amount = $1,000,000 
b. Change Times-Scaled Value (TSV) to month and observe the monthly amounts 
c. Change the TSV back to Annual 
4. Make sure the Time Slicing job runs 
5. Run the Load Data Warehouse Job 

6. Run Project Storyboard Report for project, Program Status Detail for Programs, Program Budget vs. Forecast by Period 
a. Choose your Annual Period 


1. Create an ad-hoc view from the Investment Domain 
2. Filter for your investment (either project or program) 
3. Add fields to your view 
a. Plan Period Type 
b. Measures: 
Investments=>Financial Plans=>Cost and Budget Plans=>Then either 
Plan Totals=>Total Cost => Plan Total Cost OR... 
Fiscal Periods=>Cost=>Planned Cost 
Fiscal Periods => Cost 
Expected Results: $1,000,000 shows for the Planned Cost.
Actual Results: 14.3 Amount shows $999,999.96 and in 14.4 it shows $84,669.45 


This issue is caused by CLRT-80605.


This applies to CA PPM 14.3 and 14.4


This issue is fixed in CA PPM 15.1