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Unable to display AMS in ITAM when connecting to multiple ITCM Domain Managers


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CA IT Asset Manager CA Software Asset Manager (CA SAM) ASSET PORTFOLIO MGMT- SERVER CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


When I click the link "Asset Viewer - Discovered Information" for an asset in ITAM the AMS window is displayed with an error.

Error: An invalid URL was specified; Login failed for user 'sa'. 


ITAM - all versionsProblem is only seen when the environment is integrated with IT Client Manager consisting of Enterprise Manager and Domain Manager.


There is a bug in the AMS code where it will attempt to use the same credentials specified for the ITAM database when connecting to remote Domain Manager database. If the password for the failed user is different among the servers the connection will fail.


There is currently no published fix for this solution. Please raise a support case with CA Support explaining the problem and requesting the test fix T6EE138.

Once you have received the fix you should perform the below steps:

1- stop AMS service 

2- install T6EE138

3- update file by setting the parameter dsm_domain_db_password with the encrypted password of ca_itrm_ams user (the below string is for default password NOT_changedR11): 


NOTE: if you have changed the password of ca_itrm_ams user please download the Password Encryption Tool with fix number RO72722, encrypt the password and add a backslash before any equals sign in the encrypted string before updating files.

Example of encrypted string:

Password: TestPass

Encrypted string: pDnPjPmwi2PVDPmhnbruYA==

Updated string for pDnPjPmwi2PVDPmhnbruYA\=\=

4- start AMS service