CA PPM Addin Disabled in MSP - Addin reinstall required


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This prevents the MSP Interface / schedule connector from working properly with Clarity until it's reenabled. To verify the addin is disabled (versus inactive)

  1. In MSP, go to File->Options
  2. Click on 'Add-Ins' on the left hand menu
  3. Check the 'Disabled Application Add-ins section' section on the right hand side
  4. If the Clarity Add-In is listed in the disabled section, review the Resolution steps of this article

Symptoms reported include:

  • The CA Clarity PPM Integration Addin keeps getting disabled, and it has to be re-enabled each time Microsoft Project (MSP) is opened.
  • 'caclarityaddin' gets unloaded / ribbon is gone every time MSP is launched/Integration tag not available


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: MSP


Reinstall the CA Clarity Addin using the below steps:

(Note: The CA PPM Microsoft Project Interface and CA PPM Schedule Connect components do not have to be uninstalled/reinstalled)

1. From Control Panel -> Programs and Features, uninstall the CA Clarity Addin component 

2. In MSP: 

• Go to View > Macros > Visual Basic 
• Expand ProjectGlobal then Expand Modules 
• Delete the modules that start with either CA_ and Niku_ 
• Expand Microsoft Project Objects, Double-click on Thisproject 
• Select everything in the right panel and delete it 
• Save and exit Visual Basic 

3. Navigate to the following folder directory: CA\Clarity\CA PPM MSPInterface\addin and double click setup.exe to run through the install process for the Addin

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