CA PPM Addin Becomes Disabled in Microsoft Project - Addin reinstall required


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • Symptoms reported include:
    • The CA Clarity PPM Integration Addin keeps getting disabled, and it has to be re-enabled each time Microsoft Project (MSP) is opened.
    • 'caclarityaddin' gets unloaded / ribbon is gone every time MSP is launched/Integration tag not available
  • This prevents the MSP Interface/schedule connector from working properly with Clarity until it's reenabled
  • To Verify if the addin is disabled (versus inactive)
  1. In MSP, go to File->Options
  2. Click on 'Add-Ins' on the left hand menu
  3. Check the 'Disabled Application Add-ins section' section on the right hand side
  4. If the Clarity Add-In is listed in the disabled section, review the Resolution steps of this article


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: MSP


Reinstall the CA Clarity Addin using the below steps:

(Note: The CA PPM Microsoft Project Interface and CA PPM Schedule Connect components do not have to be uninstalled/reinstalled)

1. From Control Panel -> Programs and Features, uninstall the CA Clarity Addin component 

2. In MSP: 

• Go to View > Macros > Visual Basic 
• Expand ProjectGlobal then Expand Modules 
• Delete the modules that start with either CA_ and Niku_ 
• Expand Microsoft Project Objects, Double-click on Thisproject 
• Select everything in the right panel and delete it 
• Save and exit Visual Basic 

3. Navigate to the following folder directory: CA\Clarity\CA PPM MSPInterface\addin and double click setup.exe to run through the install process for the Addin

If the above doesn't help:

  1. Do a clean uninstall of the Clarity PPM MSP Interface using the steps found at: KB000045862.
  2. When reinstalling the interface, make sure the bit level installed of the MSP Interface matches that of MSP.
  3. See the following KB for how to check what bit level should be installed KB000124188.

Additional Information

  • KB000031673: My MSP Interface addin is disabled, how do I enable it?
  • Se also KB 199651 - CA Clarity Addin tab missing in MSP - Master KB of Known Issues
  • If the Add-In doesn't show in inactive or disabled sections, see KB: 4225 for one possible solution
  • For steps on how to do a clean uninstall of the CA PPM Microsoft Project Interface see KB 45862
  • Clarity PPM and MSP integration known defects - Support Technical Document Index - KB: 15956
  • Clarity PPM and MSP integration - List of knowledge documents - KB: 71385