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Approved timesheets are not posting if they are future timesheets


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Some approved Timesheets are not posting. The Timesheets have been in approved status for more than 5 minutes.


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The application has the capability to restrict posting to only time periods where the last day of the period is before the current date.  


  1. Check the date range of the Time Reporting Period for these Timesheets. If the end of the Time Reporting Period is today or in the future, these are considered 'Future' Timesheets.
  2. To allow future Timesheets to post turn on the option:
    1. Go to Administration, Project Management, Timesheet Options:
    2. Check the box to 'Allow posting of future Timesheets'.
    3. In general, only the "Save" button is needed. "Apply to all resources" are more for the default Time entry options and New UX options. 

Additional Information

If the above doesn't help, see also: Approved timesheets not posting - master KB of known issues