What is FIPS mode?


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An operating mode of Forest & Trees that supports FIPS 140-2 Level 1, a United States government standard that defines security requirements for applications that use encryption to protect sensitive information. (FIPS stands for Federal Information Processing Standards.)

When installed to operate in FIPS mode, Forest & Trees (Developer or Runtime Option) is restricted to opening and saving view files encrypted with an AES algorithm that supports FIPS 140-2 Level 1. Once a view file is saved in (or converted to) that FIPS-specific format, only FIPS installations of Forest & Trees can open the file, and it cannot be converted to a non-FIPS format. FIPS and non-FIPS installations cannot co-exist on the same system.

For more information on installing, saving and converting view files please see the Forest & Trees help under "FIPS". Forest & Trees 7.11 is the first version available with FIPS mode.


Component: FTS