E9 Communication Error with IBM Personal Communications
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E9 Communication Error with IBM Personal Communications


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How to configure CA Output Management Document Viewer for use with IBM Pcomm.

  1. Start IBM Pcomm (PC3270). Verify the HLLAPI short name. Note: It defaults to 'a'.

  2. Start the Unicenter Output Management Document 3270 Emulator

  3. Select Remote -> Configure Connection -> HLLAPI

  4. Choose IBM HLLAPI

  5. Enter the HLLAPI short name (a or whatever it was set to) from above, in the Session ID window

  6. Select PCSHLL32.DLL from the HLLAPI DLL filename list

  7. Click OK

  8. Verify that IBM Personal Communications (PC3270) working directory is placed so it will be the first PCSHLL32.DLL found in the PATH for your operating system.


Component: DVPC