Time Reporting Period Weekly Actuals versus Daily Actuals
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Time Reporting Period Weekly Actuals versus Daily Actuals


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I am trying to create a portlet that looks at Daily Timesheet Entry Data.  Which Time Slice Request should I use?


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus


If you need Timesheet Daily Time Entry data, use a Time Slice Definition that is configured for Daily Slices for the 'Time entries' item.
The application has a pre-defined Daily Resource Time Curve.  Check this definition for the date ranges of available data to query.


Below is an example, simplified query that shows the daily Timesheet Actual Hours for all the days within the selected Time Reporting Period for a specific Resource.

SELECT 'Timeentries' Slice_Object, Slice, slice_date, r.full_name resource_name, 
tp.prstart Timeperiod_start, ts.prid TimesheetID, ts.prstatus 
FROM prj_blb_slices s, prtimeentry te, prtimesheet ts, prtimeperiod tp, srm_resources r
WHERE s.prj_object_id = te.prid and te.prtimesheetid = ts.prid and
ts.prtimeperiodid = tp.prid and ts.prresourceid = r.id AND
r.unique_name like 'Replace with Resource Code' AND
tp.prstart = 'Replace with a valid Time Reporting Start Date DD-MMM-YYYY' AND 
slice_request_id = 55555


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