How do I use the 'Copy Enable' option on a sub-object?
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How do I use the 'Copy Enable' option on a sub-object?


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When we create a sub-object with the 'Copy Enable' option set, and then go to the Main Application and try to create a new sub-object instance, the [Copy From] link is not displayed.


The [Copy From] feature is not available on the List View nor on the Sub-Object's "Create" layout page. The [Copy From] link only appears on the Sub-Object's "Edit" layout page.

Use the steps below to copy a Sub-Object instance record from another existing sub-object instance:

  1. Create 1 instance of your sub-object ; complete all the desired data in this instance  
  2. Create a 2nd instance of your sub-object ; 'Save' the object instance   
  3. Go to the Edit Layout of the 2nd instance of the sub-object    
  4. You will see the [Copy From] link in the upper right corner of the page   
  5. Click [Copy From] link and select the 1st instance of the sub-object   
  6. The data in the fields will now show that values that come from the 1st instance  



Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus