How to change the default calendar for new resources
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How to change the default calendar for new resources


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How do you change the default Calendar for Resources?

The calendar set as the Standard (base) calendar, per the steps below will be used as the calendar when new Resources are created.

  1. Login to the CA PPM application as an administrator user
  2. Navigate to Administration, Project Management Settings, Set Base Calendars tab
  3. Click on the Calendar to you want to select as the default - this will open the 'Edit Calendar Exceptions' page
  4. Select the 'Edit Calendar Properties' tab
  5. Check the 'Standard' check box and click 'Save' button

The next resource created should have the new Calendar as it's calendar upon creation, regardless of how the resource is created.  Resources can be created as a Resource from the Home application menu or as a user via the Administration menu. 


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus