AEI0 in @IADPLTI and SCPSPLTI at PLT after CTS upgrade
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AEI0 in @IADPLTI and SCPSPLTI at PLT after CTS upgrade


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Just upgraded CICS TS to a new version and now the following messages are issued during the start-up PLT:

DFHSI1580D applid PLT program SCPSPLTI has abended, code AEI0. Reply GO or CANCEL
DFHSI1580D applid PLT program @IADPLTI has abended, code AEI0. Reply GO or CANCEL


Release: 15.0 15.1
Component : Ideal

Component : IPC


AEI0 indicates that a program cannot be found (either the program is not in the load library or the program definition entry is missing in CICS).


  1. Check if you have all the appropriate PTFs applied for Ideal and IPC to run under the new release of CICS TS. You can find this information on the CICS Transaction Server Compatibility Matrix page of the Broadcom Support portal (Mainframe Software, then Compatibility Matrix).
  2. Make sure you have executed all the actions outlined on the HOLD instructions of the PTFs, if any. These HOLD instructions usually deal with refreshing the CSD definitions, when new IPC and/or Ideal modules are required.
  3. Be sure that you have installed the proper DFHCSD groups and objects, and that the groups have been added to the correct CICS Startup lists.

Additional Information

If you are still having problems:

  • Verify if VPEHJEnn and VPEHJNnn modules (nn reflects the CICS version, see below table) are defined in CSD with EXECKEY parameter set to CICS.
  • The CICS trace from the dump is usually helpful in finding out which program cannot be located. Search for the AEI0 abend on the trace and work backwards. You should find the problem program.
  • If the above items do not help, open an Ideal case on Broadcom Support portal and attach the AEI0 dump.


CTS Version nn suffix EOS date
6.1 74  
5.6 73  
5.5 72  
5.4 71 31 Dec 2023
5.3 70 31 Dec 2021
5.2 69 31 Dec 2020
5.1 68 1 Jul 2019