Sample JCL for Backup/Restore Facility, ESFSPTP
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Sample JCL for Backup/Restore Facility, ESFSPTP


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ESFSPTP is a utility that executes a file load/unload at any time during operation of the CA Spool started task. This job must run on the same system where the CA Spool STC is currently running. It cannot run while the task is down. It is used to backup and restore all or selected spool files.


//IQSPTP JOB ...                                                     
//*  LIB:    CAI.SAMPJCL(IQB5SPTP)                                    *
//*                                                                   *
//*  The ESFSPTP utility is used to backup and restore files.         *
//*                                                                   *
//*  Documentation for this utility can be found in the Operations,   *
//*  Commands and Messages Guide.  This example will back up all      *
//*  files for the CA-Spool subsystem named ESF due to the SPTPPARM   *
//*  value of 'BFALL,SUBSYS=ESF'.  To restore all CA-Spool files      *
//*  that were backed up using 'BFALL,SUBSYS=ESF', change the         *
//*  SPTPPARM to 'LFALL,SUBSYS=ESF' and set BKPFILE to 'DUMMY,' and   *
//*  LOADFILE to ''.                                                  *
//*                                                                   *
//*  Depending on the number of files you want to back up, you may    *
//*  need to adjust the space allocations on the BACKUP DD statement. *
//*                                                                   *
//ESFSPTP  PROC SYSOUT='*',    * Sysout class                          
//         CAI='CAI.',         * High level qualifier                  
//         SPTPPARM='BFALL,SUBSYS=ESF', Parameter to backup all files  
//*        SPTPPARM='LFALL,SUBSYS=ESF', Parameter to load all files    
//         BKPFILE='',         * Create a backup file    
//         LOADFILE='DUMMY,',  * Dummy out input file   
//         VOL=OPM001          * Volser for backup file 
//STEPLIB  DD DSN=&CAI.CAILIB,DISP=SHR                  
//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=&SYSOUT                            
//SYSOUT   DD SYSOUT=&SYSOUT                            
//INDEX    DD SYSOUT=&SYSOUT                            
//INDEXXT  DD SYSOUT=&SYSOUT                            
//         UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(CYL,(10,10),RLSE),         
//         VOL=SER=&VOL                                 
//ESFSPTP PEND                                          
//STEP01   EXEC   ESFSPTP                                             

Other Relevant Information

See Operations, Commands and Messages Guide, Chapter 3: Backup-Restore Utility (ESFSPTP) for more detailed information on available parameters.


Component: CSPOOL