Multiple Crashes for Module lic98.dll File
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Multiple Crashes for Module lic98.dll File


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While opening DSM Explorer we get to notice that multiple plug-ins like egc30n.exe, cmObjectManager.exe, cmEngine.exe, rcManSrv.exe crashes at module lic98.dll


Workaround steps:

  • Take a backup of CA_LIC Folder with in the shared components folder.

  • Stop all CA Services (CAF Stop)

  • Unzip the file from shared components folder.

  • Once unzipped, execute rmlicense.bat (The batch file will remove all license files from machine.)

  • Do make sure that CA_LIC Folder with in shared components has no files, once confirmed, please delete the CA_LIC Folder and make sure that you delete all instances of CA_LIC folder except leaving the one which you have taken backup of.

  • Download the Updated License Files for WINDOWS from below mentioned URL:
  • Once you have downloaded the file, please execute silent.exe and this file will regenerate all License files and also will recreate the CA_LIC Folder with in shared components.
  • Once above steps are followed, please make sure that you copy the ca.olf file from backup copy of CA_LIC and paste it in to the New CA_LIC Folder.

  • Start the CA Services (CAF START) and check by opening the DSM Explorer. It should be opening up fine.

Other Relevant Information :

If is the issue is still persisting then please provide the following information while contacting CA Technical Support:

  • Screenshot of the error

  • Provide the Crash dump file which will get created with in the Unicenter DSM\logs folder.

  • Provide DSMINFO logs in detail mode.


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence