Invalid objects on the database instance
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Invalid objects on the database instance


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Invalid objects are found in Clarity or DWH database instance, which may or may not be affecting application functionality


Release: Any Supported Release


Invalid objects can occur for various reasons. Some possible causes

    • Conflicting custom objects
    • Recent patch installation 
    • Recent upgrade
    • Adding an attribute or enabling Audit Trail on an attribute
    • Custom database objects that have not been maintained


Determine if the database object is custom database object or OOTB

  • What is the object_name and object_type of the invalid objects? Have your DBA assist.

If custom database object (not to confuse with custom object in Clarity) : 

  • Custom database objects should be supported and maintained by the customer
  • Any impacted functionality would be non OOTB

For OOTB objects:

  1. If you have not installed PMO Accelerator, some of the objects for PMO may also be marked as invalid. This is normal and expected, to resolve this fully install PMO on your system
  2. If the affected items are PMO and show as Installed, select them and re-Install from Content Addins
  3. When everything is installed, as first step, follow Recompile Invalid Database Objects to recompile the objects
  4. Note that some objects are being deprecated with each new Clarity versions. In those cases if confirmed in the Release Notes or with Support that it's deprecated, you may either ignore or remove the database object
  5. If this does not help, attempt to recompile the invalid object. If an error occurs, try to determine the cause and resolve the issue if possible. For example, from an Oracle SQL PLUS session, type (Have your DBA assist in this action) SQL> alter procedure <procedurename> compile;
  6. If it fails on an OOTB object, send us the error output, for example: SQL> sho err  
  7. If the invalid objects persist, please contact Clarity Support for assistance (for OOTB objects)