The function of the CONLIB statement
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The function of the CONLIB statement


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Users removing Endevor Change Manager runtime load libraries from LINKLIST, expecting programs to be loaded from a CONLIB concatenation will experience S806 abends.


A number of tables and modules in the Endevor runtime environment must reside in an Authorized Program Facility (APF) authorized library.

The modules are grouped in the irpfx.iqual,CSIQAUTH library at installation time, while the customized tables reside in a site designated library.

The remaining runtime modules are placed in the iprfx.iqual.CSIQLOAD library. The CONLIB DD will be searched only during the initialization of an Endevor instance, to be able to internally load these runtime modules.

When a module is called externally, by being specified as a parameter on the EXEC of NDVRC1, it is required that the module comes from an APF library, unless the CONCALL (1) utility is used.

Endevor will ATTACH these modules such that the system will do its normal operating system search for a module.

The standard operating system search will also be done for processor programs that are not among the Processor Utilities distributed with Endevor.

This means that a CONLIB DD concatenation will not be explicitly searched for that module, and will therefore require a STEPLIB DD in the processor STEP, if the load library is not LINKLIST'ed or in a STEPLIB in the NDVRC1 step.

Most standard functions that Endevor invokes via the NDVRC1 parameter, reside in the AUTHLIB, which is usually STEPLIB'ed in an authorized concatenation, or alternatively present in the LINKLIST, because NDVRC1 itself needs to be loaded from an authorized concatenation.

This APF requirement has been lifted for a number of API functions (2) the ELIB utilities (3) as well as a number of programs including the following:

Comma Separated Value (CSV) utility, BC1PCSVO (3)
Parallel Development Manager (PDM), BC1G1000
Report utility, C1BR1000
Footprint Extract utility, BC1PFOOT

These programs can now be invoked directly via EXEC, instead of via NDVRC1, with the CONLIB LOADLIB in the STEPLIB concatenation or LINKLIST.


A CONLIB DD concatenation, if present, will exclusively be used for internal loading purposes, during the initialization of an Endevor instance. Modules to be invoked via a parameter for NDVRC1 will have to be found during a standard operating system JOBLIB/TASKLIB/LINKLIST search.

A number of functions no longer have to be invoked via NDVRC1, since their authorization requirements have been lifted. The Endevor system libraries will still have to be available via the MVS program search mechanism for the step.


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