What are the different shortcut keys available in Forest & Trees?
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What are the different shortcut keys available in Forest & Trees?


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Application Workspace

F1Context-sensitive help topic
F2Sizes view to template size for its type
Shift+F2Hides view
F3Saves view's customized size for drill downs
Ctrl+F3Uses automatic size for drill downs
F4New View dialog
Shift+F4View Copy dialog
Ctrl+F4Deletes views
Alt+F4Closes F&T
F5Clears current view file password and prompts for password if file set to individual login mode
Shift+F5View File Security dialog
Ctrl+F5Log in with view file password
Alt+F5Design Mode: Special owner login that permits changes to the application while user permissions and privileges are in effect
F6Shows/hides toolbox and any floating toolbars
Ctrl+F6Shows/hides only the toolbox, without affecting floating toolbars
Shift+F6Shows/hides floating toolbars, without affecting the toolbox
F7Switches the application workspace between normal and layout modes
Alt+F7Switches the application workspace between normal and tree modes
F8View Show dialog
Shift+F8Group Open dialog
F9Calculates selected view
Shift+F9Calculates views in current group
Alt+F10Shows/hides application workspace menu (file or group menu)?provided there are menu items defined
F11Shows/hides Trace window
Alt+F11Shows/hides Group History window
F12View File Save As dialog
Shift+F12Saves current view file
TabSelects next view in group's tab order (always available regardless of user permissions)
Ctrl+TabSelects next group tab on same level
Ctrl+Alt+TabSelects subgroup tab one level down
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+TabSelects subgroup tab one level up
Ctrl+aFile Properties dialog
Ctrl+cEdit Copy
Ctrl+fFile Find dialog
Ctrl+nFile New
Ctrl+oFile Open dialog
Ctrl+pView Print
Ctrl+sFile Save
Ctrl+vEdit Paste
Ctrl+xEdit Cut
Ctrl+Shift+AView Alarms dialog
Ctrl+Shift+BView Database dialog
Ctrl+Shift+CLayout Columns dialog
Ctrl+Shift+DView Definition dialog
Ctrl+Shift+EEdit DDE dialog
Ctrl+Shift+FEdit Formula window
Ctrl+Shift+GOpens Edit Graph workspace
Ctrl+Shift+HView History dialog (if History is enabled through View Definition Options)
Ctrl+Shift+IView Layout: Icons dialog
Ctrl+Shift+LView Layout dialog
Ctrl+Shift+MMoves group tab
Ctrl+Shift+NView Notes dialog
Ctrl+Shift+PView Layout: Attributes dialog
Ctrl+Shift+QSelect or Edit Query dialog
Ctrl+Shift+ROpens Edit Report workspace
Ctrl+Shift+SView Schedule dialog
Ctrl+Shift+TView Layout: Trigger dialog
Alt+PageUpMoves view to front
Alt+PageDnMoves view to back
Arrow keysMoves views
Shift+arrowsMakes views larger
Ctrl+arrowsMakes views smaller
Pg Up, Pg Dn, Home, EndMoves views diagonally
Shift+Pg Up, Pg Dn, Home, EndMakes views larger diagonally
Ctrl+Pg Up, Pg Dn, Home, EndMakes views smaller diagonally
DeleteDeletes view
Alt+aVariables [definition] dialog
Alt+fFunction Wizard
Alt+oObject Wizard
Alt+tTest Formula
Alt+vView List

Edit Query Window

Alt+aQuery Assist
Alt+bBrowse Tables
Alt+cColumn and Table Lists
Alt+fFunction Wizard
Alt+rFormat Query
Alt+tTest Query

Edit or View Report Workspace

Ctrl+fFinds text item
Ctrl+gGoes to a page number
Ctrl+nNew Report dialog
Ctrl+oOpen Report dialog
Ctrl+pPrint dialog
Ctrl+sSaves report
Ctrl+InsCopies current report
Alt+F4Closes report workspace and returns to application workspace
F7Switches the Edit Report workspace between normal and layout modes
F9Calculates current report

Layout Mode of Edit Report Workspace

Arrow keysMoves objects
Shift+arrowsMakes objects larger
Ctrl+arrowsMakes objects smaller
Pg Up, Pg Dn, Home, EndMoves objects diagonally
Shift+Pg Up, Pg Dn, Home, End Makes objects larger diagonally 
Ctrl+Pg Up, Pg Dn, Home, EndMakes objects smaller diagonally
DeleteDeletes objects
Ctrl+dragCopies selected objects
Ctrl+Shift+arrow keyAligns selected objects left, right, top, or bottom according to arrow key used.

Edit or View Graph Workspace

Ctrl+nNew Graph dialog
Ctrl+oOpen Graph dialog
Ctrl+pPrint dialog
Ctrl+sSaves graph
Ctrl+InsCopies current graph
Alt+F4Closes graph workspace and returns to application workspace
F9Calculates current graph

Query Builder Workspace

Ctrl+dDeletes selected folder
Ctrl+fFinds item in query tree
Ctrl+lNew folder dialog
Ctrl+qNew query dialog
Ctrl+rRepeats find operation
Ctrl+sSaves current dictionary
DeleteDeletes selected query
EnterEdits selected query or folder


Release: CVPFTB05900-7.11-Forest & Trees-Dashboard Option Component