What makes Advantage Data Transformer (ADT) Servers available for scheduling
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What makes Advantage Data Transformer (ADT) Servers available for scheduling


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Advantage Data Transformer


Scripts are scheduled to run on a particular, installed ADT Server or on the "Next Available Server." The next available server is whichever ADT Server polls the Internal DataBase (IDB) Execution Queue next. An installed server is one listed in the IDB LookOutServer table having a value ServerInstalled = 1 (TRUE.) If ServerInstalled = 0 (FALSE,) a script cannot be scheduled to run on that ADT Server. However, if an ADT Server shows ServerInstalled=1, yet that ADT Server does not exist, scripts scheduled to run on that ADT Server will never leave the Execution Queue.

To see the list of ADT Servers that are installed (registered) in the IDB, do the following:

  1. Logon to the IDB through Script Manager
  2. Highlight any script
  3. Right-click and select "Schedule"
  4. Select any radio button except "Unscheduled," and a General tab appears.

On the General tab is a list of available ADT Servers. Script Manager gets this information from LookOutServer.ServerInstalled.

The right way to uninstall a server is to use the Configuration Facility. Before using Configuration to remove an ADT Server, be sure the ADT Server on this computer is stopped. A quick check is to look for ipsched.exe in Windows Task Manager. If ADT Server is executing, use the ADT Console to issue the STOP or SHUTDOWN command.

Open the Configuration Facility and choose "Remove registration of this Server from its Idb." Doing so will leave the server name in the LookOutServer table, but the ServerInstalled value will be 0. Removing the ADT Server also deletes the infopump.cfg file which is used to associate the DSN to the IDB and the Server Name. When there is no infopump.cfg file, the Configuration Facility does not offer the "remove" option; it offers to register a server in a new IDB or register it in an existing IDB. To configure an ADT Server for installation or removal, the Configuration Facility must be run on the physical or virtual server where ADT Server software was installed. ADT Servers may be installed on multiple servers and registered in the same IDB; however, there can only be one ADT Server per physical or virtual server and an ADT Server may only be registered in one IDB.

Script Manager may show a non-existing ADT Server as available if the ADT Server was not removed by the Configuration Facility before the software was uninstalled or the infopump.cfg file was deleted manually. In such a case, the row exists in LookOutServer with ServerInstalled = TRUE, but scripts scheduled to run on this ADT Server will sit in the Execution Queue waiting to be discovered by an ADT Server that will never poll the IDB.

If you are in this situation, then you cannot run the Configuration Facility to remove that ADT Server since that requires an infopump.cfg file to provide the IDB and ADT Server names. Do the following to repair the problem:

  1. Open the IDB for editing using its own native client
  2. Locate the row to be corrected by searching the ServerName values.
  3. Change the value of ServerInstalled to 0. It is best not to delete the row since that may cause a failure for any internal process that needs to join the LookOutServer table and another IDB table.

Now the list of available servers in the IDB only displays those ADT Servers that will poll this IDB for scripts ready to be executed.


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